Teased by God

St.Paul Boy by Tiana Kaczor

Now officially I don’t believe in a higher power, but one has to wonder sometimes just what is it, what force, if any, is playing with me. Life can throw some tough obstacles at you. I’ve had many in the last year. Thankfully there are enough exciting sparks too, that keep me moving forward.

St.Paul Boy by Tiana Kaczor

My first trading card, St. Paul Boy, fits my outlook on life right now: wondering just what this great world has in store for me, just like this little guy looking out over the town. My recent song “Sometimes” also speaks of this feeling: “wondering when it’s going to be my time”. Download it from the Files 4 U. Also check out my new Myspace and Reverbnation pages. More songs will be coming soon.




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2 Comments on “Teased by God”

  1. childsplay012 Says:

    I just joined word press and I joined not to be judged so Im gonna try not to judge you, but can I ask, what brought you to think that the world just appeared on its own?
    I was brought up christian and so have never thought of it being any other way which is unusual because usually people dont understand my thought prosesses there so different.

  2. tianakaczor Says:

    This is a huge topic, (where did the world come from?), and this is not the best place to have a debate on it. I enjoy discussing such things, but in person. However, to reply to your question…
    We are all a product of our upbringing. You were brought up Christian, I was brought up an Atheist. As humans we seek to find answers to what we do not understand. Throughout history people have created myths, religions, and science theories to try to give answers to our questions. I don’t know how the world appeared. I believe that it happened a long time ago, and we will never find the true answer. If you believe God created the world, and feel comfortable with that answer, then perhaps you have an easier life than I do. For your answers you can turn to that higher power, meanwhile I am here wondering how, when, why…? But for me that is okay, as I like being a philosopher.

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