Tiana’s Eagle Has Landed at James Whiteside Elementary

Last Thursday The BC Lions Society delivered a white, 7 foot, fiberglass eagle to James Whiteside Elementary in Richmond. I was invited to meet the staff during lunch, and then was there to oversee the delivery. The eagle needed to be put on the gym stage, but there was an assembly in progress when the eagle arrived and we didn’t want the students to see it. Luckily, there was a blanket available to cover it, so the sculpture still remained a mystery to the students.

Friday afternoon I was at the school for the unveiling assembly. 480 students from kindergarten to grade 7 filled the gym, their excited eyes looking up to a power point image of one of my paintings. The principal, Carol-Lyn Sakata, gave me a wonderful introduction, and then I took the mic to talk about my art experiences and ask the students for their help in designing what to paint on the eagle. I was surprised by their enthusiastic responses to my questions, and their roar of “wow”s every time I clicked to a new picture of art examples on the big screen. When the stage curtains were finally drawn back and our eagle sculpture revealed the yells and clapping from the students was so loud you would have thought that a goal had been scored.

Sketch for student feather idea, by Tiana.

Sketch for student feather idea, by Tiana.

Thank you, students and staff of James Whiteside, for the enthusiastic welcome into your school. I look forward to working with you on this “Eagles in the City” project over the next few months.

Students will be drawing or painting a design onto a template in the shape of a feather. I will then copy their designs onto the sculpture. It will be like a giant puzzle for me to figure out how to get them all on!

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3 Comments on “Tiana’s Eagle Has Landed at James Whiteside Elementary”

  1. Jarome Says:

    Fantastic you were a part of this, it’s great to hear what you’ve been up to!

  2. Vaclav Says:

    Nice work Tiana, it will be fun to give the eagle feathers!

  3. Alexander Says:

    thank you Tiana i enjoyed having you at our school!!

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