Feather Designs From Students at James Whiteside Elementary

The students at James Whiteside Elementary have been busy using the school’s stage for their holiday musical performances, so I’ve managed to go in only a few times to sand the eagle. It produces such a fine dust that I didn’t want to make a mess on their decorated stage. After the holidays will be when the real work starts.

Right now I am brainstorming at home for how to arrange the feather designs that the students are creating. I believe that children need time to draw freely, with very little direction from adults. ( Like UBC professor Bob Steele’s ideas. http://ccfi.educ.ubc.ca/publication/insights/v12n02/pdfs/steele.pdf ) In the assembly I asked the students to help me by coming up with ideas for what to paint inside the eagle’s feathers. I suggested a few things, but generally left it open to their interpretation. What a joy it is to see what they have come up with. Many have stayed on the theme of eagles, and the other BC Lions Society sculptures of spirit bears and orcas. Others have made patterns of bright colours. I’ll post a few examples here, and a few more on my Flickr site.

Ryan's feather

Ryan's feather


Anki's feather

Anki's feather

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One Comment on “Feather Designs From Students at James Whiteside Elementary”

  1. Tiana, Thought I would mention that Bob Steele was one of my former professors. I stay in touch with him on a a pretty regular basis. I love your blog, you are a great writer!


    Lynn Pecknold

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