The Value of a Painted Eagle Sculpture $

While my painted eagle is away getting a protective coating I took the time to work out my hours and how much this art piece should be sold for when it goes to auction in 2010.  I was curious to find out how much time I took to do this project, but I also wanted to educate people on the value of art.

I worked on this eagle painting project for 278 hours since January 1st. (This does not include my hours of organization in November and December.)

A weekly average of my time is 22 hours/week. So it was a 1/2 time job.

When teaching, my salary was around $29.16/hour. I believe this is an average salary for a professional, a decent amount for someone of my experience. Not an extravagant wage to ask for.

Multiply this wage $29.16 x my 278 hours = $8106.48

The students at James Whiteside Elementary came up with the ideas for the insides of the feathers. If on average they spent 1 hour per drawing and I used 302 drawings and we paid them half of my hourly wage then 302 hours x $14.58 = $4403.16

My wage $8106.48 + student wage $4403.16 = Total eagle is worth at least $12,509.64

In reality I was paid $1000, and bought my own supplies. This works out to me working for approximately $3.oo an hour, and the students working for free. Of course our labour is a donation to the BC Lions Society, but I think it’s important for those bidding on the sculpture in April 2010 to know what would be a good starting bid.

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