Tiana’s Eagle Unveiling at Whiteside

“It’s Our World”, the 7′ eagle sculpture painted by Tiana Kaczor, using designs by 302 students, was unveiled at James Whiteside Elementary on April 30.

The program started off with “Oh Canada” sung in French and English, and I have to say was one of the most beautifully sung national anthems I’ve heard in a long time. The whole school was one big choir. Then there were speeches by Ms. Sakata, Principal, Mr. Stephen Miller, President/CEO BC Lions Society, The Luding-Sekikawa Family, sponsors, and Tiana Kaczor, artist. While a slide presentation by M. Senecal-Harkin and Mr. Osadchy ran, a song by Tiana was played.  More music performances came next with a medly on recorder and xylophone, by grades 4 to 6, then a grade 2 and 3 choir, and guitar players from grade 7 performed Steve Miller’s “Fly Like An Eagle” after the eagle sculpture was unveiled.

Eagle Unveiling at James Whiteside Elementary

Eagle Unveiling at James Whiteside Elementary

As well as thanking all the people mentioned above, Tiana would also like to thank: Kathy Tycolis from the Richmond Art Gallery, Jim Martins from the Richmond School Board, Rick Harker, Connie Silas, and everyone at The BC Lions Society for Children With Disabilities, Whiteside staff Stacey Robinson and Elaine Tsumura for their help around the office, Harvinder Dahk for her help in the gym, Whiteside teachers and support staff for helping organize the drawings, move the sculpture, and feed me on a couple occasions, Mrs. Lozovsky-Burns and Mr. Tang for the wonderful music, and student Kaajal Gill for suggesting the name for our eagle. A big thank you to Mom and Dad, because without your support I could not have taken the time to do this project. Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone. Oh ya… a BIG thank you to all the students, your drawings were fantastic!

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One Comment on “Tiana’s Eagle Unveiling at Whiteside”

  1. Vaclav Says:

    Congratulations Tiana, wonderful work.

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