Before Music Dies

This is a great documentary film about the current state of the music industry. I ended up watching the whole thing this morning, and was very inspired. So, I’m sharing it with you here, and then I’m off to make my own music!

Before Music Dies documentary
Sep 5, 2008 – 1:17:25
Narrated by Academy Award® Winner Forest Whitaker, BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES is an unsettling and inspiring look at today’s popular music industry featuring interviews and performances by Eryka…
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2 Comments on “Before Music Dies”

  1. Vaclav Says:


    Excellent documentary, thank you for the link. It is frightening when the technology enables correcting the pitch of singers voice. And the ownership of huge number of radio stations. I liked the remark on the difference between music fans and pop culture fans, how true. I think good music will survive, we just will have to look a little harder to find it.
    You’ve got the plan, make more of your own music, KEXP will hear you…


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