Olympics Become An Inspirational Event

I have been won over by the Olympics. Not by the politicians and business people, but by the tenacious athletes, gifted artists, and happy crowds who have shown in their performances on the slopes, rinks, stages, and streets, that dreams can come true. With passion and determination lives can be changed from ordinary to extraordinary.

At a time in my own life when I am looking for a spark to ignite me onto my next creative path, the Olympic athletes and cultural artists have shown their strengths and talents and given me hope for my future endeavors. More than once I have had tears in my eyes after seeing the exuberant faces of athletes who find themselves standing on the top of a peak, surprised at reaching such a height after what often has been a difficult climb. Their achievements inspire me to follow my own passions.

Like many people I had ambivalent feelings about the Olympics. I wonder if the millions of dollars spent on staging this colossal event could have been better allocated to healthcare, poverty reduction, or education. I am angry at the news of more school closures, and the possibility of me finding employment as a teacher in the BC school system looking less hopeful. I wonder if this is partly caused by money going towards the Olympics.

Perhaps B.C. went overboard on the spending and could have produced a wonderful event without such things as lavish new venues. After seeing how the Olympics changed the mood of this nation though I no longer question the basic money needed to organized the 2010 Olympics. I believe people need to have balance in their lives and this cannot be achieved by providing only the basic necessities of life. What is life without art? Without the exaltation of winning a competition, or even just bettering results from a previous attempt? And for those who are spectators, our happiness grows too, and our lives are richer, and we are fueled to go out and do great things with our own talents. As Clara Hughes said, we must rise to the occasion and be the person who we truly are.

Life is more than food in our stomachs and a roof over our head. I do not diminish the importance of these basic needs, as seen in the recent disasters in Chile and Haiti. But I also believe we need time to play, to create, to party, to sing, and to know that dreams can become reality when we try our very best. I thank the athletes and artists for reminding me of this.

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3 Comments on “Olympics Become An Inspirational Event”

  1. Tamara Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Tiana! I myself felt an upsetting stomach when I saw Harper and Campbell in the podium trying to capture some shine to enhance their own popularity. Yes the country was united and people finally were not afraid to celebrate. Yes we are worthy for celebration, yes we are deserve better (leadership) than a couple of corrupt clowns. Yes we need art and we need to smile and the riches of Canada should go to everyone who help to build it. We should not fall back to the apathy of being the nice Canadian whom can be used by our own leaders and betrayed while we are saying “Oh, I am so sorry!”

  2. Vaclav Says:

    Well said Tiana. Was it the Romans who demanded “bread and games”? Canada did a great job, the athletes and fans will have great memories, and people who watched on TV too. I’m happy the Olympics brought you inspiration, looking forward to seeing your future art!

  3. Tiana Says:

    Yes Vaclav, I did think of the Romans a lot with their spectacles to keep the masses of people happy and not thinking about the country’s real problems.

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