Eagles in the City: Who Bought Tiana’s ?

On a recent trip to Mexico I finally found out the destination of my painted eagle sculpture. A year ago, after the BC Lions Society had their auction of 135 painted eagle sculptures at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, I knew “It’s Our World” was bought but I had no other information on the buyer or the sculpture’s destination. My young co-artists at James Whiteside Elementary were curious to know the fate of this artpiece they’d had a part in creating. Well, let me finally inform you that the original sponsors bought the eagle and wish to donate it back to James Whiteside Elementary for display.

It’s rather amazing that I had to travel part way across the world to find out this information. Do you ever find that when you are far away from home that you sometimes run into people you know? I was on a tender boat going from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, back to our cruise ship, the Sapphire Princess. We were talking to people around us and I found out I was sitting next to a superintendant from the Richmond School Board. I’d met her at the unveiling of my eagle sculpture at James Whiteside Elementary. People look a little different in their holiday clothes than their business clothes, so I didn’t recognize her at first. She told me that the sponsors would like the eagle to be displayed at Whiteside, but there are a few installation concerns that need to be addressed first. Hopefully they will be worked out soon, if they haven’t been already, and the children will soon be enjoying their artwork.

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One Comment on “Eagles in the City: Who Bought Tiana’s ?”

  1. Vaclav Tomek Says:

    Great that you found out, and that the kids will have their and your work at home. Now they’ll be able to show it to all their friends, too.

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