Knowledge Network is looking for Foncie’s street photos

Dad's street photo in Winnipeg, 1950s

Dad’s street photo in Winnipeg, 1950s

B.C.’s Knowledge Network is looking for old street photos by Foncie Pulice.  He shot millions of photos of people walking Vancouver’s streets between 1934 and 1979. Check out their website here: They are trying to collect as many photos and stories as possible for a Museum of Vancouver exhibition later this year. You can view some of the photos on the site’s “Collection” page. They are great historical records of the changing styles of clothing and businesses in downtown Vancouver over the decades.

My family photo collection has several street photos, but I think they are all from Winnipeg. This one is of my Dad, Richard, (on the right) in his teen years. Cool club jacket!

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7 Comments on “Knowledge Network is looking for Foncie’s street photos”

  1. Patricia Commons Says:

    I have three photos, one of my mom and dad taken on
    their engagement in 1945, one of myself in 1966 and my
    husband in 1964 – wondering where do I go from here –
    not sure if you are still wanting photos for the exhibit..?

  2. Patricia Says:

    Sorry – guess I got that wrong,i thought I was contacting
    Knowledge Network..

  3. tianakaczor Says:

    That’s cool that you have 3 photos Patricia. There is the link in my blog to the Knowledge Network site,but I’m sure you’ve already found it. Good luck. I hope you still have time to submit to them.

  4. how interresting–lived in vancouver from 1948 2 the 5o’s— are ther any on the web?

  5. Phillip H Judd Says:

    March 1949: My mother, Gweneth Grey Judd, going shopping after visiting nt very ill father who had a serious logging accident in the Squamish Valley that spring. He survived with a parallized left arm and a ragging headache. Mother had to go back teaching to support the family.

  6. Phillip H Judd Says:

    I can not get the picture of my mother from Elements photo 8 to the Foncie page. Can you give me point by point steps on how to do that? Phillip H Judd

  7. tianakaczor Says:

    Martha – yes, they have lots on their website on the page titled “the Collection” Use the link in my blog to get there.

    Phillip – I don’t work for Knowledge network, I’m just a fan of their tv programming and wanted to pass on a link to their project. You should contact them via their website or maybe by phone to get help with the uploading of your photo.

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