Tiana’s Warrior donated to Richmond Public Library

My painted warrior has been donated to the Richmond Public Library by the Williams and Lomness Families in memory of their parents Yvette and Walter Beswick. An unveiling and tea was held early November at the Brighouse (Main) Branch and the rain did not deter us from going outside and seeing “Wu Chang” back in the same spot he was 2 summers ago.

Tiana Kaczor's painted warrior gets donated to the Richmond Library

The Williams and Lomness Families at Warrior unveiling at the Brighouse branch of the Richmond Public Library


My warrior was bought by the BC Lions Society at their auction in September 2012 in hopes that they would find a donor who would place it in a public space in Richmond. Stephen Miller connected with the Williams and Lomness Families who wanted to do something to remember their parents. During the tea, daughters Julie Williams and Susan Lomness spoke about how their parents, Yvette and Walter, loved coming to the library, and the family all contributed to make this donation happen.

Donation was made in memeory of Yvette and Walter Beswick

Donation was made in memeory of Yvette and Walter Beswick

I’d like to thank the families for their generous donation. I am happy that my artwork is in a public place where it will be enjoyed by many people for many years. It is a library that I use often, so I will get to see my warrior regularly. (Many times artists make art and it is sold and you never see it again.) The staff of the Richmond Public Library are all excited about this unique addition to their institution, and I know they will take care of my “Mr. Wu”.

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2 Comments on “Tiana’s Warrior donated to Richmond Public Library”

  1. Joan Says:

    Hi Tiana, I just read over the background of Wu Chang again and enjoyed it again, lol Got more from it this time actually. I spoke with my friend Gerhilde about it being installed in its permanent position now. She was amazed at the research that you did prior to being painting Wu. I was looking at the Press review picture and saw Wu standing there over you in your Studio and it gave me goosebumps wondering how in the heck did you come up with this idea of researching fabrics that would go back centuries! I’ve always had a weird fondness of China and Japans history in their Arts but never pursued it. No time is one reason and no brain the other one, and don’t mean to be funny. I’d like to see Wu inside tho’ as the weather will eventually attack his colors no matter what was done to preserve it. We discussed it and I know you’re concerned also. Too bad that most will never know the work you put in, first of all as to where this idea came from when you stood there looking at ‘him’. He’s HUGE, to cover up with paint/colors; I looked at you sitting here in your studio with him standing over you challenging you to ‘paint me, I dare you’. lol

    I want to go see him again and look at him with different eyes this time. Those patterns were created so many years ago! Someone should stand there talking about that and have people look closer at the early artists of China who came up with those ideas, much less you coming up with them to put them on this Warrior!

    Good for you dear. Big hugs, Joan

  2. Vaclav Says:

    That is so nice that the families of Julie Williams and Susan Lomness gave Mr. Wu a permanent home. Mr. Wu will give joy to many people in the coming years.

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