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Listen to “Monk Soup”

February 28, 2013
Monk Soup cover art by T Kaczor

Monk Soup cover art by T Kaczor

Feeling cold during these last days of winter? Rain getting you down? Have a listen to Monk Soup, my most recent (complete) song. “Soup” because it sounds like the rain pelting your window, and the sucking mud on your boots as you trudge through the wild trails. “Monk”, well because of the bells, what else? Or maybe it’s because I feel like I’m stuck inside, contemplating life, on these dark days, and praying for the spring sun to arrive. What do you think?

Click here for a link to the song on Reverbnation


New Song: The Fragrance, by Tiana

July 25, 2010

Cover art by Tiana Kaczor

Finally, a new song for you. I have been improvising a lot the last few months,  getting new ideas, and never finishing them enough to post. This song is the latest idea and I decided to let it remain quite simple and quickly post it. “The Fragrance” is a meditative cinematic journey, a song to listen to with headphones, with eyes closed, lying down, relaxed. At least that’s how I like to listen to it.

Go to my “Songs” page or use the link to Reverbnation to listen to it. Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.

Improvisation vs. Memorization

July 2, 2010

I had the pleasure last weekend to play the piano for a wedding reception at the Point Gray Golf and Country Club. I chose to play whatever came into my head, instead of planning it out ahead of time, or practicing some classic or pop pieces.  Over the years I have found this is what works best for me. I’ve never found memorization easy, whether it’s music, or History dates, or French verbs. If possible I like to create in the moment. For last Saturday it was judging the feeling in the room and playing to suit the scene, taking suggestions from listeners, and livening things up a bit when I felt the need for a little fun.

Why then, when improvisation is so fun, and can yield such fantastic creations, do I tend to shy away from it when I post songs publicly? Is there an unwritten law that states all published songs must be worked on for hours and polished to perfection? No, not that I know of.  When I had my week of reading deprivation I wrote a song in one hour. It was pretty good. But instead of posting that experiment I went and added to it. Now over a month later I still don’t consider it finished. When is a creation done? Probably never. But we must decide when to stop working with it and move on to our next art piece.

Instead of memorization I prefer themes. Take an idea, an emotion, and play to that instead of writing a song and playing the exact notes every time.  I like the excitement of improvisation. This week I recorded another improvisation. It took me by surprise one night. My brain was tired from writing art proposals and I didn’t want to think anymore, so I sat down at the piano and let my intellectual brain rest and got into my emotional creative side. I promise not to overwork it. It will be posted soon.

Penguin Clip Music Demo by Tiana

February 2, 2010

Last fall I entered a contest with Nightingale Music. This is the film clip of penguins that they wanted people to write music for. I have just added more instruments, faded out the location sound, and remastered my composition. It was hard to find a good sound for these critters, as it’s not a clip with specific emotions or dramatic action. So, does my music add any feeling for you when you watch it?

New Song “Tangled Garden” from Tiana

January 3, 2010
Cover photo by Tiana Kaczor for song "Tangled Garden"

Cover art by Tiana Kaczor for song "Tangled Garden"

“Tangled Garden” is Tiana’s New Year’s present to you. You can download it for free on her Reverbnation site.

Last fall I wrote several piano compositions. It seemed that every time I sat down at my acoustic piano a new melody came up and I had to run upstairs to my studio, turn on my computer,  hit record, and then try to play the melody again on my keyboard. I feel many can stand on their own as solo piano pieces, but I also wanted to see what I could do with adding a little orchestration. It is an improvisation, a musical idea. The vision I got while playing it was of a garden, tangled and overgrown, waiting to be tended and loved.

The photo I’ve used for the cover art is from when I was in Bella Bella. This was a lovely walk in the forest near a salmon stream, that unfortunately had a lot of garbage dumped in one spot.

New Song “Analog Wench”

November 21, 2009

Analog Wench cover art by Tiana from a photo of Mushroom Studios

Well it’s not such a new song, but it’s the latest I completed and uploaded to my sites a few weeks ago. At that time I didn’t have time to promote it fully because I was busy writing the film clip score for the Nightingale contest and doing some home renovations. So if you haven’t had a listen yet, please do, and let me know what you think. It’s long, but I like my keyboard slide at the end so I hope it keeps your interest for the full 7 minutes. Comments I’ve had so far have been great. Thanks!

I recently found out that I am #6 out of 313 on Reverbnation’s band charts for the category of “Other” for the area including southwestern BC and it seems at least northwestern Washington State. Sign up as a fan, if you’re not already, and hopefully I’ll reach #1!

Tiana’s silent acting in Sarah MacDougall video

October 20, 2009

Awhile ago I responded to an email call out for volunteers to help Sarah MacDougall with a video for her song “Cry Wolf”. I met my friend Chris for brunch in Gastown, and then we headed into an alley to do our silent acting in the mini crowd scenes. Great song, and fun video. At the time it seemed hard to dance without music, but as seen here, it worked!

New Song by Tiana, “Ten Lane Traffic”

August 9, 2009

After 3 months of writing, mixing, and mastering, my newest song is finally posted. “Ten Lane Traffic” was inspired by the documentary film “Transit Dubai” which I saw at Vancouver’s DOXA film festival.

Album art by Tiana Kaczor for "Ten Lane Traffic"

Album art by Tiana Kaczor for "Ten Lane Traffic"

Scenes of multi laned highways cutting through the desert, head and tail lights creating lines of glowing colour, inspired me to play notes in repetition on the piano. The pattern of sound mirroring the endless stream of traffic.  Extra mixing with panning and automated volume on a B4 II organ adds some low rumblings of engines zooming by.

Go to Tiana Kaczor’s ‘Song’ page to listen to “Ten Lane Traffic”. You can also listen to it on her MySpace page, or Reverbnation, where for a limited time you can download the song for free. While you’re there don’t forget to join up and become a fan, which would be greatly appreciated as fans generate points which eventually leads to payments $!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my new song.  Comments you have on this piece, or any other music or art, are always welcome.

Before Music Dies

June 26, 2009

This is a great documentary film about the current state of the music industry. I ended up watching the whole thing this morning, and was very inspired. So, I’m sharing it with you here, and then I’m off to make my own music!

Before Music Dies documentary
Sep 5, 2008 – 1:17:25
Narrated by Academy Award® Winner Forest Whitaker, BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES is an unsettling and inspiring look at today’s popular music industry featuring interviews and performances by Eryka…

Free Download of “It’s Our World”

May 1, 2009

As a thank you to everyone involved in Eagles in the City, and the students and staff at James Whiteside Elementary, Tiana offers you a free download of the song “It’s Our World” which she composed for the unveiling ceremony. Enjoy!

Please visit my Reverbnation site to download the song.

Go to my “Art” page to see full pictures of the sculpture, and my “Links” page to see the Richmond Review article and photo taken at the unveiling.