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Grand Prix competition piece for sale

October 5, 2012
Tiana creates during Steveston's Grand Prix of Art 2012

Tiana creates during Steveston’s Grand Prix of Art 2012

A couple weekends ago I competed in Steveston’s Grand Prix of Art. We were told our location only minutes before the race, and then had 3 hours to complete a finished work of art, whether it be drawing or painting.

This is the first time I’ve ever entered a plein air competition and decided to keep things less messy by using conte and pastels instead of paint. The weather was rather chilly and an hour into the race my fingers started to freeze up. Luckily my parents came by and brought me a hot chocolate. Thanks also to Eva at Cannery Cafe for offering to bring me something hot.

"Pieces and Points" conte and pastel, 8x12, for sale $200 framed, $170 mat only.

“Pieces and Points” conte and pastel, 8×12, for sale $200 framed, $170 mat only.

It was great creating on the streets of Steveston as it gave me direct contact with the public; art can be such a solitary activity a lot of the time, working away in ones studio. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take a peek at my picture and encourage me to finish in the 3 hour time limit. It wasn’t easy working so fast with no break but I did finish “Pieces and Points” just as the Cannery horn blew to signal the stop of the race. The title was chosen because the store Pieces is in my drawing, and points refers to the pointillism style I used, which turned out to look a bit like snow falling. (Maybe that was subliminal because I was cold!)

Tiana at her station on Moncton for the Steveston Grand Prix

Tiana at her station on Moncton for the Steveston Grand Prix

My 8″ x 12″ pastel and conte drawing of Moncton Street titled “Pieces and Points”  is for sale at $200 framed, or $170 with just the mat.


Warrior Has Left My Studio

April 10, 2012
Tiana's warrior "Wu Chang" waiting to be loaded onto truck.

Tiana's warrior "Wu Chang" waiting to be loaded onto truck.

I’m so tired! After two months of painting, the second month being quite intense, “Wu Chang”, my terracotta warrior, is now finished. The truck from the BC Lions Society for Children With Disabilities arrived this morning at my studio to pick the warrior up and take him off to receive the protective clear coat. With only one man to carry him it was a little tricky getting “Wu” around the corners in the house, down the stairs, and out onto the front lawn. However, no ceiling lights were hit, the warrior wasn’t dropped, and thank goodness the truck had a power lift. I can see the benefits of having a studio on the ground floor, and with a big sliding door like a garage.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise before the official unveiling in a couple weeks, so I will not be posting a lot of pictures right now. But after the 24th of April I will be uploading to Flickr and YouTube to show my process and the detail of my work on the terracotta warrior.

Empty Easel, Online Art Magazine Offers Help

January 11, 2012

I am updating my resume and my artist CV, and I was looking online for some examples of artist biographies and statements when I came across this extensive online magazine for artists called Empty Easel. From art tutorials to business advice to artist profiles this is, at first glance, a huge bank of information and one I will be returning to when I have more time. Take a look at:    and let me know if you find any interesting articles.

Watercolour Process

November 10, 2010
Watercolour in process of Light on Mountain

At the halfway point of a watercolour of sunlight on hills.

It has been said that my watercolours are just as interesting incomplete as they are when I decide they are finished. I eventually add so much detail that the final painting can be quite different from the work in progress. So here is my abstract landscape. Can it be a finished artwork? Does it hold your interest? Like reading a book instead of watching the movie, your imagination fills in missing areas, and each person’s interpretation is different. What is in the foreground? Is it grass? Bushes? What are the white areas? Snow? I am doing this watercolour as a commission, so I will add more detail to make it look like the photo I was given. However, stopping at the halfway point and considering the image as complete brings new creative possibilities. While creating my art, the process makes me see life better, clearer. Sometimes that process is more rewarding than the final product.

Eagles in the City Auction

March 31, 2010
Tiana's eagle is up for auction

Eagles in the City - Tiana's eagle is one of 135 to be auctioned

The Eagles have migrated back to Vancouver. 34 of them will be auctioned live at the Westin Bayshore Vancouver on April 6, 2010, and the balance will be auctioned on-line at

Bids for any Eagle can be made by attending the live auction, registering an absentee bid, arranging to be on the telephone for the live auction or bidding at the internet auction.  Auctions held by Maynards Find Art & Antiques and

Tiana Kaczor’s eagle is :

Item No: 1344620 > Art/Museum > It’s Our World (#65)

Check the BC Lions website for more info. and to view the eagles.  If you want to see the eagles before the auction there is a Public Viewing, Easter Monday, April 5, 10am to 4 pm at the Bayshore, admission by donation.

Mail Art Olympix at Havana

February 24, 2010
Tiana at Havana Gallery for the Mail Art Olympix

Tiana at the Havana Gallery for the Mail Art Olympix

My participation in the Cultural Olympiad started this weekend!  If you are near Commercial Drive in the next couple of weeks go and see the Mail Art exhibition at the Havana Gallery (behind the Havana restaurant.) The show was in Comox, then Penticton, and is now HERE!

Mail Art Olympix – Curated by Ed Varney. Opened February 21st and runs until March 6.  Featuring 350 artists from 41 countries, in 3 categories   – I’m in the Artistamps section.  At the  Havana Gallery 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

* And don’t forget that my 7 foot eagle sculpture is still at the Richmond Hospital until late March. This location is right on the edge of Richmond’s O Zone Olympic celebration site, so if you take in those festivities my eagle is only a couple minutes walk away.

Mail Art Olympix

December 6, 2009
Education Stamps Poster by Tiana Kaczor for Mail Art Olympix

Education Stamps Poster by Tiana Kaczor for Mail Art Olympix

If you are on Vancouver Island between now and December 31 drop in to the Comox Valley Art Gallery for the Mail Art Olympix show. Self-portraits, Artist Stamps, and Artist Manifestos from over 350 artists, from 46 countries are on display. I submitted the Education Stamps poster pictured here. Like stamps collected during WWII to raise funds for the war effort my poster refers to the current funding needs of our education system. Could we solve it with education stamps? Let’s hope we don’t have to resort to that! The text was directly inspired from a WWII stamps booklet.

If you can’t make it to Comox the show will also be traveling to The Penticton Art Gallery, opening January 22, and will be in Vancouver at The Havana Gallery opening February 21. Thanks to Ed Varney for organizing and curating this egalitarian event.