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Terracotta Warrior Painting Process

March 26, 2012
Tiana Paints "Wu Chang's" Head

Tiana Paints "Wu Chang's" Head

I’m in the home stretch, but probably have a good week more of painting until my warrior, Wu Chang, is finished. Like the eagle I did with James Whiteside Elementary a couple years ago this sculpture is also going to be very colourful and detailed. Why do I do this to myself? Such a lot of work. But so far those that have taken a sneak peak in my studio have raved about my collage of patterns on Wu. It’s like he has travelled through time to show us a collection of designs from over 2000 years of Chinese history.


Richmond News interviews Tiana

February 20, 2012

Last Friday the Richmond News published an article on me and the warrior I am painting. They hope to follow my progress with other photos and updates in the next couple of months.  Here’s a link:

Since the photos were taken I have finished painting the animal faces on “Wu’s” shoulders and I’ve started working on his back armor. Painting the purple dragons was a lot of fun, and figuring out how to do an Escher like pattern was a good challenge today. Wish you could see it? You’ll have to wait!

BC Lions Society Warrior Arrives

February 7, 2012
Tiana sands the Terracotta Warrior

Tiana sands the Terracotta Warrior

   I have a 7 foot replica of a Chinese terracotta warrior in my studio! And I have 2 months to paint it!

   The warrior is one of many that will be on display and then auctioned to raise money for the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities. Similar to the eagle I painted for the society a couple years ago, this sculpture though will be painted only by myself, and not have the input of hundreds of elementary students. This time I am researching 5000 years of Chinese textile history and will paint chosen patterns onto the warrior.

   For more information on the project go to:


Empty Easel, Online Art Magazine Offers Help

January 11, 2012

I am updating my resume and my artist CV, and I was looking online for some examples of artist biographies and statements when I came across this extensive online magazine for artists called Empty Easel. From art tutorials to business advice to artist profiles this is, at first glance, a huge bank of information and one I will be returning to when I have more time. Take a look at:    and let me know if you find any interesting articles.

Vancouver Art Gallery visit – Ken Lum

August 21, 2011

Why go to the PNE when you can see fun house mirrors at the VAG? Today I visited the Vancouver Art Gallery to view their current show “The Colour of My Dreams – The Surrealist Revolution in Art”. However it was the solo show of Ken Lum’s work over the last 30 years that made a greater impression on me. Up on the second floor I stepped behind a wall into a maze of mirrors. Within a few feet I had to tell myself to heed the warning sign to “walk slowly” so I would not bump into a mirror. My walk was an exercise in brain control. I had to tell myself to keep calm. I had to concentrate on where I did not see a reflected image of myself so that I could walk in that direction. I believe good art should affect you in some way. This piece of Ken Lum’s deeply affected me. I don’t know if I have ever felt scared by a work of art before. It was a relief to see the exit. Yet, once out, I wanted to go back in and experience it again.

You can see a review of “Mirror Maze with 12 Signs of Depression” in The Vancouver Sun.     You have until September 25th to walk through the maze yourself.

Watercolour Process Final Stage

December 7, 2010

Light Through Clouds by Tiana Kaczor from photo by Vaclav Tomek

Light Through Clouds by Tiana Kaczor. 8" x 10" watercolour, December 2010. From photo by V. Tomek

Through the clouds comes the sun, through the stress and doubt comes another creation that has made me and my client extremely satisfied. Perseverance does pay off.

Paintings at Richmond’s Cultural Days

September 23, 2010
Sun On Bow by Tiana Kaczor

"Sun On Bow" Telegraph Cove, by Tiana Kaczor

Tiana will have 3 watercolour paintings for sale this Saturday at Jeanette Jarville’s Artizen Studio in Richmond. Using her own photographs of Bella Coola, Telegraph Cove, and Steveston, she has created photo realistic portraits of working boats on the BC coast.

Salon Style Goup Show at Artizen Studio in conjunction with CULTURAL DAYS ( Saturday September 25th from 10AM to 4PM Showing artworks by Jeanette Jarville, Brittani Faulkes,  Adriene Moore, Nicole Carrie, William Watt, Tiana Kaczor and Loraine Wellman. Location: Artizen Studio 13211 Steveston Hwy Richmond BC, email or call 604 277-8714 for more information.

Come out and enjoy a day of arts and culture in this nation wide event.