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Nick Bantock’s “The Trickster’s Hat”

May 20, 2014
The Tricksters Hat by Nick Bantock

The Tricksters Hat by Nick Bantock

“The Trickster’s Hat, A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity” by Nick Bantock, was given to me recently as a birthday present. In the early nineties I was all excited about Bantock’s first huge success “Griffin and Sabine” which reflected my own love of collage, letters, found objects, and small art such as postage stamps. Then I “grew up” and life got in the way of creativity and play. I’ve become more concerned about a regular paycheque and paying the bills than I am about playing with my art materials. Where did I loose my path? I still create, but something is missing.

Even just having this book put into my hands has suddenly sparked my brain into creative drive. Like Julia Cameron’s best selling “The Artist’s Way”, which got me out of a creative and personal bump in my road a few years back, I hope “The Trickster’s Hat” will guide me down an artistic highway for some fun adventures.

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Make Your Own Book With Blurb

July 18, 2011

I recently created a book to celebrate my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  You can view “Lorraine and Richard, Looking Back at 50” here:

My first intention was to make a scrapbook of photos, but then in dawned on me that a more polished production would be achieved if I used the online service Blurb. This wonderful tool lets anyone upload their own photos and text into a variety of templates. Then the company produces the book in any quantity you desire, and ships it out to you for a reasonable cost. You can keep the book private, or share it with others and offer it for sale. No longer must one wait for a publishing company to accept your manuscript, you can take the plunge yourself. Have a look at for inspiration for everything from artist portfolios, to wedding albums, to storybooks.