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New Song “Tangled Garden” from Tiana

January 3, 2010
Cover photo by Tiana Kaczor for song "Tangled Garden"

Cover art by Tiana Kaczor for song "Tangled Garden"

“Tangled Garden” is Tiana’s New Year’s present to you. You can download it for free on her Reverbnation site.

Last fall I wrote several piano compositions. It seemed that every time I sat down at my acoustic piano a new melody came up and I had to run upstairs to my studio, turn on my computer,  hit record, and then try to play the melody again on my keyboard. I feel many can stand on their own as solo piano pieces, but I also wanted to see what I could do with adding a little orchestration. It is an improvisation, a musical idea. The vision I got while playing it was of a garden, tangled and overgrown, waiting to be tended and loved.

The photo I’ve used for the cover art is from when I was in Bella Bella. This was a lovely walk in the forest near a salmon stream, that unfortunately had a lot of garbage dumped in one spot.


Mail Art Olympix

December 6, 2009
Education Stamps Poster by Tiana Kaczor for Mail Art Olympix

Education Stamps Poster by Tiana Kaczor for Mail Art Olympix

If you are on Vancouver Island between now and December 31 drop in to the Comox Valley Art Gallery for the Mail Art Olympix show. Self-portraits, Artist Stamps, and Artist Manifestos from over 350 artists, from 46 countries are on display. I submitted the Education Stamps poster pictured here. Like stamps collected during WWII to raise funds for the war effort my poster refers to the current funding needs of our education system. Could we solve it with education stamps? Let’s hope we don’t have to resort to that! The text was directly inspired from a WWII stamps booklet.

If you can’t make it to Comox the show will also be traveling to The Penticton Art Gallery, opening January 22, and will be in Vancouver at The Havana Gallery opening February 21. Thanks to Ed Varney for organizing and curating this egalitarian event.

New Film, Song & Art Pages and a New Look!

September 5, 2008

For those of you who have seen my website over the last month you will notice that I have chosen a new look. A few people commented that the first design was hard to read with the orange on black and small text. I agree that it was hard to find your way around and read. Hopefully this new look will be better. What do you think?

Let me also invite you to visit a few new pages that I’ve created to show off my talents. “Art” has a few examples of my paintings and drawings. “Film & TV Scores” has videos that I have scored music to, and for some I also did the sound design ( you know, car sounds in the background, heavy breathing, punches, footsteps, etc.) “Songs” has a few examples of my music that is with, or without lyrics, but has a definite melody and structure. I hope you will enjoy listening and watching, and I would love to hear any comments you may have.