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Monsters Inc demo by Tiana

November 12, 2008

Who knew that scoring an animation clip would take 3 months? But for an artist who likes process as much as product, this was an exercise full of learning experiences.

I originally scored and did sound effects for the Monsters Inc clip last spring for my orchestration class. It received good reviews, but wasn’t quite at that professional level yet, sounding a bit quiet and thin. This fall I have been taking a mastering class and learning all sorts of tricks of the trade.  Some techniques seem so obvious now, but when one is learning so much, even things that are common sense get lost in the deluge of information. For instance, if a voice is coming from off camera, shouldn’t the sound come from that direction? And if your character is moving across the screen wouldn’t the sound move too? Static is boring, panning is exciting. This demo also includes new tricks for compression, delay, using a flanger, and finding that sweet spot frequency range when working with the EQ on individual instruments. And wow, does adding a cello track ever fill out the score.

All this tech talk doesn’t mean a whole lot to the average film viewer, but it’s what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Like playing the old piano in the school basement, and then sitting down at a Fazioli grand. It’s taking time to train my ears, but I am hearing the differences now. So I invite you to view my latest demo “Monsters Inc”, and send me your comments. It was fun for me to score, and I hope it makes you laugh.


New Film, Song & Art Pages and a New Look!

September 5, 2008

For those of you who have seen my website over the last month you will notice that I have chosen a new look. A few people commented that the first design was hard to read with the orange on black and small text. I agree that it was hard to find your way around and read. Hopefully this new look will be better. What do you think?

Let me also invite you to visit a few new pages that I’ve created to show off my talents. “Art” has a few examples of my paintings and drawings. “Film & TV Scores” has videos that I have scored music to, and for some I also did the sound design ( you know, car sounds in the background, heavy breathing, punches, footsteps, etc.) “Songs” has a few examples of my music that is with, or without lyrics, but has a definite melody and structure. I hope you will enjoy listening and watching, and I would love to hear any comments you may have.