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Warrior Pictures and Thank Yous

May 29, 2012

It’s been a busy month, but I’m slowly editing some more pictures of the painted terracotta warriors that are around Vancouver and Richmond this summer for the BC Lions Society fundraising project. I have some people to thank too as I could not have completed my warrior without their help.

Wu Chang Left and Other Warriors

Wu Chang’s left side and other Warriors at the official unveiling in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Thank you to the City of Richmond for being my sponsor and to Stephen Miller at the BC Lions Society for connecting us. For more info and a map of where the warriors are go here:

Thank you to Lisa Ernst for helping me paint a few little areas when time was running out but I still wanted to keep the level of detail high. I also need to thank Lisa for naming my warrior. One day she started calling the sculpture Wu Chang, and we thought it would be just a nick name, but it stuck, so it is now his formal name. Lisa’s website:

Thank you to Chris Caplette for your muscle in lifting my warrior from the garage up to my studio on the second floor. Your criticism and encouragement is also appreciated.

Warriors at BC Lions Unveiling

Painted Terracotta Warriors at BC Lions Society Unveiling in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Once again thank you to my parents, who don’t have internet access and thus won’t see this, but they should be thanked because without their financial help and ongoing encouragement over the years I could never fulfill my dream of being a working artist. Having me paint the warrior in my studio, which is in their house, was a fantastic experience for them. They told me they loved looking in each day to see what I had painted, and they missed Wu when he was taken away for public display.

Wall Walker on Warrior

Wall walker on painted Terracotta Warrior

And thank you to all the family, friends, coworkers, students and the public who have seen my painted terracotta warrior and given me such glowing compliments. Your words are fuel for future creative projects. Thanks so much.

To see more photos don’t forget to check out my Flickr page. Link on right of my blog.

Buried Treasure by Jeanette Jarville

“Buried Treasure” by Jeanette Jarville