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The Value of Tiana’s Terracotta Warrior

May 14, 2012

Here are some facts about my process for painting my Terracotta Warrior “Wu Chang”.

I spent at least 135 hours painting the sculpture. There were days I’m sure when I was so tired I forgot to record the hours in my sketchbook. So, it might have even been 150+ hours of painting.

I spent approximately 10 hours of prep which included accepting the delivery, moving the sculpture upstairs and down, sanding and washing, and painting the 2 coats of gesso.

I spent about 6 hours at the Vancouver Art Gallery and Richmond Brighouse libraries doing research.

I spent an unknown number of hours reading, discussing, searching the internet, sketching and planning, and being interviewed for promotion in the local media (Thank you, Richmond News).

Grand total is a minimum of 175 hours.

I got paid $1000, and I bought my own supplies. This means I made about $5.71 an hour before expenses. Of course my labour is a donation to the BC Lions Society, but I think it’s important for those bidding on the sculpture this Fall to know what would be a good starting bid. If I base my pay scale on what I make as a teacher then the warrior should be sold for no less than $5075.00  ($29 per hour x 175). And this doesn’t even take into consideration the cost the sponsor (City of Richmond) put out to make the fibreglass sculpture and all the time and effort the BC Lions Society put into organizing this fundraising event.

Sketchbook Map of Back Textile Patterns

Sketchbook Map of Back Textile Patterns. click on image for bigger view.

Finished back of Wu Chang in Tiana's studio.

Finished back of Wu Chang in Tiana’s studio.



Warrior Has Left My Studio

April 10, 2012
Tiana's warrior "Wu Chang" waiting to be loaded onto truck.

Tiana's warrior "Wu Chang" waiting to be loaded onto truck.

I’m so tired! After two months of painting, the second month being quite intense, “Wu Chang”, my terracotta warrior, is now finished. The truck from the BC Lions Society for Children With Disabilities arrived this morning at my studio to pick the warrior up and take him off to receive the protective clear coat. With only one man to carry him it was a little tricky getting “Wu” around the corners in the house, down the stairs, and out onto the front lawn. However, no ceiling lights were hit, the warrior wasn’t dropped, and thank goodness the truck had a power lift. I can see the benefits of having a studio on the ground floor, and with a big sliding door like a garage.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise before the official unveiling in a couple weeks, so I will not be posting a lot of pictures right now. But after the 24th of April I will be uploading to Flickr and YouTube to show my process and the detail of my work on the terracotta warrior.

Terracotta Warrior Painting Process

March 26, 2012
Tiana Paints "Wu Chang's" Head

Tiana Paints "Wu Chang's" Head

I’m in the home stretch, but probably have a good week more of painting until my warrior, Wu Chang, is finished. Like the eagle I did with James Whiteside Elementary a couple years ago this sculpture is also going to be very colourful and detailed. Why do I do this to myself? Such a lot of work. But so far those that have taken a sneak peak in my studio have raved about my collage of patterns on Wu. It’s like he has travelled through time to show us a collection of designs from over 2000 years of Chinese history.

Richmond News interviews Tiana

February 20, 2012

Last Friday the Richmond News published an article on me and the warrior I am painting. They hope to follow my progress with other photos and updates in the next couple of months.  Here’s a link:

Since the photos were taken I have finished painting the animal faces on “Wu’s” shoulders and I’ve started working on his back armor. Painting the purple dragons was a lot of fun, and figuring out how to do an Escher like pattern was a good challenge today. Wish you could see it? You’ll have to wait!

BC Lions Society Warrior Arrives

February 7, 2012
Tiana sands the Terracotta Warrior

Tiana sands the Terracotta Warrior

   I have a 7 foot replica of a Chinese terracotta warrior in my studio! And I have 2 months to paint it!

   The warrior is one of many that will be on display and then auctioned to raise money for the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities. Similar to the eagle I painted for the society a couple years ago, this sculpture though will be painted only by myself, and not have the input of hundreds of elementary students. This time I am researching 5000 years of Chinese textile history and will paint chosen patterns onto the warrior.

   For more information on the project go to:


Make Your Own Book With Blurb

July 18, 2011

I recently created a book to celebrate my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  You can view “Lorraine and Richard, Looking Back at 50” here:

My first intention was to make a scrapbook of photos, but then in dawned on me that a more polished production would be achieved if I used the online service Blurb. This wonderful tool lets anyone upload their own photos and text into a variety of templates. Then the company produces the book in any quantity you desire, and ships it out to you for a reasonable cost. You can keep the book private, or share it with others and offer it for sale. No longer must one wait for a publishing company to accept your manuscript, you can take the plunge yourself. Have a look at for inspiration for everything from artist portfolios, to wedding albums, to storybooks.

Watercolour Process Final Stage

December 7, 2010

Light Through Clouds by Tiana Kaczor from photo by Vaclav Tomek

Light Through Clouds by Tiana Kaczor. 8" x 10" watercolour, December 2010. From photo by V. Tomek

Through the clouds comes the sun, through the stress and doubt comes another creation that has made me and my client extremely satisfied. Perseverance does pay off.