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Tiana’s Eagle Update

March 9, 2009

I recently had a whole grade 2 class come visit. They had lots of great questions to ask me. Here is some of the information they were interested in hearing about.

The eagle is 7.5 feet high. It is made of fibreglass and weighs approximately 120 lbs. It slips into a metal base that is approximately 50 lbs. I’ve had 1 to 3 other people come help me when it needed to be moved, or flipped, so I could easily work on it. No, I do not work for an art company, I am a solo artist. I can paint so well because I have had lots of practice, and I went to art school. The paint I’ve used the most of is white. I am drawing a map and keeping a list of names for the feather designs that I used so the students, teachers, and family can find them on the eagle.

As of this date of March 9th, I have painted 180 feathers, 6 pencils, 3 scissors, and a ruler on the underside, and 79.5 feathers on the top side of the eagle. Painting always puts me in a good mood because I am using such a variety of colours, and the designs the children drew are happy. Favourite subjects are suns, mountains, eagles, fish (some with big teeth!) rainbows, flowers, stars, and lightning bolts. You can also find on the feathers such things as wolves, electric guitars, a skier, a snowboarder, one panda, a penguin, flames, tornados, 2 erupting volcanos, 2 jet cars, 1 jellyfish, and a meal combo of a hamburger, hot dog, fries, chocolate chip cookie, and a banana.

I’m 3/4 finished painting the feathers.  Now spending around 5 to 6 hours a day at James Whiteside Elementary.  The students are still enthusiastic, coming up onto the stage to check  my progress and try to see if I’ve painted their feather design yet. They are so surprised that I can recreate the styles of the individual students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

The original unveiling date was April 8, but that is now being changed to sometime at the end of April. This takes a little pressure off me, and allows me to keep a high level of detail on each feather.

Mixing Art Styles, Mastering Subjects

July 23, 2008
Keytar Yellow by Johnathan Wakuda Fischer

I went to an artist trading card session at the Richmond Art Gallery last week. I was hoping that making these little art pieces would get me into a routine of creating visual art, since I have been doing mostly music this year. One of my ideas is to use my realistic drawing talent but create original subject ideas by combining unrelated objects. Just by chance today I came across Wakuda on Flickr. He has fabulous images combining traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e style with modern stenciling techniques and subject matter like cell phones and boom boxes. Very cool. Now I am inspired to go draw!

Keytar Yellow by Johnathan Wakuda Fischer