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All songs are written, performed, and recorded by Tiana Kaczor unless otherwise indicated.

The Fragrance

Instrumental soundtrack improvisation using layered synth strings sounds. July 2010.  4:41

Tangled Garden

A melodic piano idea that I decided to extend and add some electronic sounds to.  December 2009.   3:16

Analog Wench

A mix of electronic sounds and recorded experiments using studio closet doors and stools as percussion instruments. October 2009.   7:17 – but a varied journey, so listen to it all.

Ten Lane Traffic

Inspired by the highway scenes in the documentary “Transit Dubai”.  Completed August 2009.  5:56

Frosted Metal

A mellow song for winter. Written in 2007 using Reason, and then remixed and mastered in Cubase in December 2008.  3:52


A ballad.  Not fully mastered.  2008.  3:24

Fire On Ice

* Co-written with Zaiba Khan. Our entry into CBC’s hockey anthem challenge. 2008.  0:46


My solo entry into CBC’s hockey anthem challenge.  2008.  0:34

One Year

An experiment in rhythm building. Lyrics are a bit of a metaphor for my past year.  2008.  4:24

Money Love

Lines in Dutch spoken by Babs. A blues start, and a big gospel choir ending. This version is not mastered. It is a song idea that I would ideally like a whole choir to record/perform.  4:09

Jopa’s Radio Ad

1 minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds edits of a fictional radio ad for a beach restaurant.

Composition Frustration Improvisation

A quickly recorded song, late one night, when I needed to remind myself how fun music can be.


2 Comments on “Songs”

  1. Vaclav Tomek Says:

    Just listened to Composition Frustration Improvisation, love it! Didn’t see too much frustration in it, just good music. 🙂 Tried to play along a bit on a guitar when I was able to catch the key, like C- or Eb?

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